Prick clarifies that his discrimination toward Muslims is ‘bigotry’ not ‘racism’

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A prick has taken to the Internet to express dismay that his discrimination against Muslims is being interpreted as racism.

“Me saying that all Muslims are violent terrorists is definitely not racist, and only a complete libtard would say it is,” said a complete prick earlier, seemingly oblivious to how offensive his use of ‘retard’ is, no matter how he bastardises it.

“The key thing here is that Islam is a religion, not a race, so portraying me as a racist is, in this context, unfair, offensive and frankly quite hurtful.”

The prick went on, “And it is this issue of semantics that is the real issue here, not my arbitrary and ignorant discrimination against 1.6 billion people.”

He then added a poignant postscript, “How I wish I didn’t have a tiny penis and could talk to girls. Oh shit, did I just press ‘post’?”

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The final line was then hastily deleted, and the prick has since remained silent on the matter.

Possibly because his Mum has called him downstairs for his favourite tea of fish fingers and alphabetti spaghetti with all the ‘M’s taken out so it can’t accidentally spell Muslim.