You can prove anything with statistics, says man who doesn’t like what’s just been proven with statistics

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A man who really doesn’t like what’s just been proved with statistics has insisted you can prove anything with statistics.

Angry internet commenter Simon Williams gave the retort after one of his most dearly-held opinions was challenged by actual numbers, forcing him to directly confront the possibility that he might be wrong.

“There are lies, damn lies, and statistics”, he claimed, demonstrating both a lack of comprehension of basic mathematics and a singular lack of originality in one fell swoop.

Responding to further numbers which undermined his position, Williams grew abusive, suggesting that his position was the only one an intelligent person might hold and that disagreement was the surest indication of a cretin.

“If you don’t see what the agenda is here, I can’t help you,” he informed the world at large.

Responding to further deconstruction of his beliefs, Simon clearly stated that he was entitled to his opinion no matter what other morons might think.

Simon then went on to support his position by linking to several websites which contained little by way of actual numbers or science, but plenty of similarly angry people who all agree with him and also claim no evidence exists to support opposing points of view.

When challenged, Simon swore several times, before asserting that he was open to being wrong but wasn’t in this particular case no matter what these so-called “facts” showed.

At time of writing, Simon plans to log in late tomorrow and post on the thread in the hope of having the last word as that means he’s won.