4 out of 5 Brits have sympathy for the morons who get their news from The Sun

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A new survey has found that four out of five British people have sympathy for the sort of moron who relies on The Sun newspaper for their current affairs updates.

In an extensive survey of the five nearest people to us when we asked the question, four said they had a great deal of sympathy for the sort of borderline simpleton that believes anything published in such a tawdry rag.

Respondent Simon Williams told us, “It’s a publication renowned for publishing lies and illegally obtained material – why anyone would pay it one iota of attention is completely beyond me?”

“Are you genuinely saying that there are people out there having their worldview directly influenced by this shit?”

“Oh god, those poor, poor people. Is there nothing we can do?”

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Other respondents echoed William’s sentiments, calling for something to be done to help those without the intellectual resources to help themselves.

Another told us, “I do believe charity should begin at home, but these poor Sun readers just make me want to cry. It’s so sad – they just don’t know any better.”

The fifth person said they didn’t understand the question, but commented that they did quite like the pictures.