Job candidate lists ‘desk where nobody can see my screen’ as deal breaker

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A man interviewing for a new job has bemused his prospective boss by naming a workspace facing a corner of the office as his one redline.

Jay Cooper, 34, is willing to accept a typically mundane office job on a slightly reduced pay scale as long as nobody can see what he’s doing all day.

“It’s an unusual negotiating tactic,” admitted Richard Simmons, Regional Manager.

“Normal people want the option to work from home on a Wednesday, or a bit more money, or first dibs at hitting on the receptionist at the Christmas Party.

“I can’t for the life of me fathom why he’s turned his back on those options just to have one very specific desk facing into a corner; I can only assume he’s not very social, which in my book is a plus – I’m sick of the ‘banter’ around here.”

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Cooper said, “I find that I work better on my own, and in as secluded a space as possible. I don’t understand people who want a desk where people can see precisely what is on their screen.

“Personally speaking, when nobody can see me, or even better if they don’t know I’m actually there, I achieve a Zen state of productivity and you can watch my output increase tenfold.

“It is not, repeat NOT about playing Minecraft on company time.

“Why would I do that when there are dozens of life-enriching spreadsheets to pour through? That idea doesn’t fill me with dread at all.

“I love spreadsheets, ok? Now leave me alone.”