New sin-free version of Facebook ‘still completely empty’

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FaceGloria, a new social network set up by Christians in Brazil with a remit to be completely sin-free has had absolutely no content uploaded to it, according to reports today.

“I love the idea of a social network without sin,” said early adopter John Greene.

“But I can’t think of anything to post. I mean, if I change my relationship status, is that lustful? Certainly posting a photo of yesterday’s dinner would be a sin of gluttony.”

“I could post a load of hypocritical claptrap about Gay marriage, but I’ve got Facebook for that.”

‘FaceGloria’ was set up on Sunday and has already attracted tens of thousands of users, and even though there is no content whatsoever, its creators remain upbeat.

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“It’s going fantastically well,” said founder Atllia Baros.

“Yes, if we look at it negatively then there is no content at all, but on the upside, it is still 100% sin-free.”

However, experts think it will have a rough ride.

“The problem these guys are going to have,” said social media ‘expert’ and twat, Simon Williams, “is that literally everything posted to Facebook is, in some way or other, sinful.”

“Facebook is largely pictures of Minions, which is worshipping false idols. Then there are the threats to kill people who don’t ‘like’ the pictures of Minions, people wishing they had more pictures of Minions, or who think that their friends have better pictures of Minions, there are those who are sexually attracted to Minions.”

“I mean, I could go on.”

‘FaceGloria’ briefly had a picture of a Minion with a crown of thorns but it was quickly removed.