David Cameron insists Manic Miner would have extra levels under a Conservative government

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After Ed Miliband claimed to have completed all 20 levels of Manic Miner, David Cameron insisted the Conservative party would grow the platform by 5% in its first year of government.

Miliband told Absolute Radio that he completed the platform game in his youth, leading to Conservative claims that they are the only party committed to the ongoing growth of the game.

Cameron told reporters, “Ed might have completed the current 20 levels, but that’s just typical of Labour – to sit back and think the job is done without trying to do more.”

“The Conservatives back entrepreneurs, leaders who will extend the game beyond its current 20 levels, to 21 levels within our first 12 months in power.”

“We could see 25 levels by the end of our first term, and potentially 35 levels by the year 2025.”

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Miliband beats Manic Miner

The Conservatives have also stressed their ongoing plans to grow other platform games now that people have remembered how much they liked them and the people who played them.

A spokesperson for the election team told us, “Did you know that George Osborne completed Jet Set Willy and Grant Shapps had the highest score on his street in Sabre Wulf?”

Labour has hit back at the plans, insisting that Cameron should be willing to face Miliband in a platform gaming challenge live in front of the public.

Miliband told reporters, “David Cameron talks about the Conservative’s commitment to platform games, but once again he’s running scared of taking me on head to head.”

“I offered him a televised match-up, any time, any place and it doesn’t matter which of the Miner Willy games he wants to play – I’ll kick his arse on all of them.”

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