Kim Kardashian slammed for ‘offensive’ science shirt

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Just days after attempting to ‘break the internet’ with her nude photoshoot in New York’s Paper Magazine, the reality TV star has been criticised for wearing a shirt that ‘demeans’ the scientific community.

“We already have an image problem,” said Bane Quinchilla of the European Space Agency.

“It’s irresponsible for someone as popular and well-respected as Kim Kardashian to wear something that portrays us in such a bad light.”

It is unclear why that particular outfit was chosen for such an important press conference.

Kim Kardashian wore the shirt during the official launch of her new buttock oil range, despite suggestions that it deflected attention away from her vital, groundbreaking work.

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The bowling-style blouse is printed with gaudy pictures of socially-awkward people in white coats and thick glasses, each posed in an unflattering manner, holding pieces of laboratory equipment or writing equations on blackboards.

Zammy Bacchan, the shirt’s designer, is baffled by the controversy.

“It’s just a bloody shirt,” she told followers on Twitter. “I never intended to offend anyone. Orders for the #GeekChic design are pouring in now though, so I guess that’s a plus.”

‘Science shirt’ controversy

Not everybody has been critical of the divisive garment though.

“Scientists should find this sort of thing empowering,” explained fashion blogger Dan Plonch.

“They’re normally sexualised in the media. When people think of physicists, they think of Albert Einstein licking the lip of his Calabash pipe, or professor Brian Cox in a pair of latex chaps.”

“This shirt is celebrating the work scientists do, instead of objectifying them.”

“That is true,” conceded Quinchilla.

“We at the European Space Agency are always scrutinised for how we look and what we wear. It’s nice for someone to focus on the science for a change.”

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