Conspiracy theorists dismiss Alex Jones as government conspiracy to make conspiracy theorists look stupid

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Conspiracy theorists have dismissed US talk radio host Alex Jones as a government stooge designed to make conspiracy theorists look ridiculous.

Jones used his appearance on Andrew Neil’s Politics Show to make shouty conspiracy theorists appear mentally ill in front of an audience of millions.

Viewer Simon Williams told us, “I’ve always had a bit of time for conspiracy theorists, as it takes guts to look at things so differently – but clearly Alex Jones is absolutely deranged.

“Shouty Americans are quite annoying at the best of times, but this guy is so vociferous about his ‘conspiracies’ that I actually feel a bit sorry for him.

“I suppose from now on the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ should be synonymous with ‘shouty and mentally deranged.

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“The Internet has done a lot of wonderful things, but one of the worst is making this guy famous – millions listen to him on the Internet when 25 years ago he’d have been shouting at pigeons from a street corner.”

The BBC have been congratulated for opening their doors to those suffering from paranoid delusions and other undiagnosed mental disorders, however, the conspiracy theorist movement has spoken out to disown Alex Jones in the strongest possible terms.

Conspiracy blogger Chuck Matthews told us, “He’s not one of us, no way.

“Alex Jones is clearly a plant by a government desperate to silence the conspiracy theory movement by making us all look like complete idiots.

“So don’t forget, my conspiracy theory is the real conspiracy theory – not the lunatic conspiracy theories you hear from these other fake conspiracy theorists.”