Sunday 11 November 2012

BBC resignation precedent could see tabloid industry decimated by Friday

The resignation of BBC Director General George Entwistle over poor quality journalism could lead to tabloid newspapers being run by the cleaners by the end of the week, experts predicted this morning.

Entwistle resigned after BBC programme Newsnight ran a story about child abuse in Wales in the 1980s, which didn’t name anyone directly, but was based on the mistaken account of a child abuse victim.

The move sets a new watershed in the British journalism industry, with poorly researched, factually incorrect stories now set to result in the resignations of those directly responsible.

Media analyst Simon Williams told us, “I’m guessing that today’s papers will see us lose somewhere between fifty and a hundred journalists and editors.”

“It’s perhaps a little harsh, but the vociferous calls for Entwistle to go show that this is what the people want.”

“If it’s a choice between running only factually correct, well researched stories, or having everyone involved resign, I suspect next week’s tabloid papers could be very thin indeed.”

George Entwistle resigns

Resignation is not the only option, according to PR expert Matt Clifford.

“If you’re culpable, and everyone knows it, there are still some options available to you.”

“Firstly, there’s the tried and tested ‘this is the most humble day of my life’ approach which lets you personally carry on exactly as before.”

“Or the ‘Jeremy Hunt’ – as we call it – where you just completely ignore the calls for your resignation until everyone is hoarse from shouting at you, which lets you personally carry on exactly as before.”

“But I don’t worry for the tabloid industry, as thankfully there are some wonderfully brave journalism professionals out there like Paul Dacre who will not resign no matter how much they get wrong, or how many false accusations they make.”

“He truly is an inspiration to us all.”

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