Scottish police praised after foiling Al Qaeda toddler ice-cream plot

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Strathclyde police have been praised by Government officials after foiling a plot by Al Qaeda terrorists to take photos of a three year-old eating ice-cream in Glasgow’s Braehead shopping centre.

The plot, which detectives suspect might have been in the planning stages for up to eight minutes, would have seen a photo of the small child circulated to literally dozens of Facebook users.

A Strathclyde police spokesperson told of his pride at the efficient way in which the potential atrocity was prevented, telling reporters that the officers concerned had reacted ‘just as they’ve been trained to’ in order to bring the incident to such a successful conclusion.

The spokesman told us, “It’s at times like this that you have to rely on your training, you have to ignore the adrenaline and let the auto-pilot kick-in.”

“Sure, the officers were frightened, but if they’d stopped to think this through there could have been several photos shared across multiple social media channels, and then the terrorists would have won.”

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Al Qaeda ice-cream plot

Eye witnesses spoke of the highly-professional manner in which police dealt with the highly dangerous situation they found themselves in.

One woman who wished to remain nameless said, “This guy was crouching to take a photo with his phone of a girl eating ice-cream, and all I could think was ‘Oh God oh God, this is it, this is the end’.”

“I was so terrified I was literally rooted to the spot.”

“Fortunately this brave security guard came over and stopped the terrorist before he could take any more ice-cream related photographs.”

“The police were there in minutes and were absolutely incredible. They sometimes get a bad rap, but I’ve never been prouder of the boys in blue. You’d never have guessed they were dealing with a genuine terrorist incident.”

“Honestly, it was like being in an episode of Spooks.”