Tributes continue to pour in for dead iPhone factory worker

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Tributes continue to pour in for Zhu Chang, the iPhone factory worker who tragically jumped to his death yesterday following a lengthy battle against murderously long hours and poor working conditions at the Foxconn factory at Longhua, near Shanghai.

World leaders in politics and business were united this morning in their sorrow for the loss of a man they almost certainly never even met.

US President Barack Obama and Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev, both of who own iPhones with a battery compartment personally assembled by Mr Chang, said he had changed their world.

Obama, his face a stern mask, explained to journalists: “When I look at the impressive battery charge indicator on my phone and think of the 12-hour shifts that man worked with one day off a fortnight, the 98 hours a month overtime, all while forced to remain standing up, well, it makes me very humble.”

Russian President Medvedev agreed, adding, “The incredible hard work and dedication shown by the man are so rarely seen nowadays, apart from in people trying to support a family on five pounds a day basic.”

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iPhone worker tributes

Crowds of grieving consumers were milling disconsolately outside Apple stores from Seattle to Sydney today, united in their grief at the untimely death of the man who had, in a real hands-on way, made the iPhone possible.

“I never met him, of course,” said Suzie Bland, 21, “And frankly I was never going to, seeing as he slept in a stinking dormitory with 23 other men in a huge concrete building and only went home to see his family once a month, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel a deep connection to him.”

“Apparently his boss just died too, but you can’t think of everyone, can you?”