Child abuser repents after friend changes Facebook profile photo to a Thundercat

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A long-time child abuser this morning spoke of his repentant nature after seeing a friend change his profile photo to Lion-O from the Thundercats.

The change came along with millions of others doing their bit to prevent child abuse by posting photos of cartoon characters as their profile pictures.

The former child abuser who wished to remain nameless said, “I’m surprised no-one thought to do it before to be honest. I mean, it just makes sense, doesn’t it? Of course seeing a photo which children would really like would make me stop really liking children.”

Another told us, “I was thinking of smacking my stepson around the head, but then I saw this photo of Muttley from the Wacky Races and thoughts, nah, this is a bit wrong, I don’t think I’ll bother after all.”

“I dread to think how much I might have hurt him had it not been for all the cartoon pictures.  Bravo, the lot of you. Really.”

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Facebook Cartoon profiles

One Facebook user has faced backlash after choosing to post a picture of Spit The Dog, rather than the obligatory cartoon.

A former friend wrote on their wall, “What is he playing at?  Does he WANT all these kids to be abused, is that it?”

“Everyone knows Spit The Dog is a puppet, not a cartoon. It’s all very suspicious, and anyone who doesn’t change their profile picture to a cartoon should be put on a register of some sort if you ask me.”

We spoke to a non-moron who said, “If you really want to help stop child abuse, how about you spend five minutes away from looking at photos of your ex-girlfriend online and write a cheque to the NSPCC instead, hmm?”

The Facebook community is expected to eradicate Malaria later this week by posting photos of the best places they’ve ever been on holiday.